Insight into Cat. B, the catalogue of "carved signs"

Reference Texts

GORILA 2 - Nodules (single-hole hanging nodules) Wa 1001-1861 (with updatings by Hallager, who changes some headings from Wa to the new Wd, We, Wg e Wy)
GORILA 2 - scellés (flat-based nodules) Wb 2001-2002
GORILA 2 - Rondelles (roundels) Wc 3001-3021
Hallager 1996 - Two-hole hanging nodules Wd 1143. 1617 (included in nodules of GORILA)
Hallager 1996 - Noduli (dome-shaped) We 1019-1021. 1023-1024 (included in nodules of GORILA), cuito which new We 1852. 3020 are added
Hallager 1996 - Direct sealings and Miscellaneous Wy <1021> (included in nodules of GORILA as Wa <1021bis>), Wg 3021 (included in rondelles of GORILA as Wc 3021)


Each single file consists of one or more cretulae which bear both the same carved sign and the same sealing. If the cretula has two sides with different carved signs (and, as a consequence, is numbered twice in GORILA 2) it will be repeated in the catalogue as well. Differently from Hallager, who proposes a list based on the sequence of the inventory numbers of the museums, we shall follow the sequence of GORILA. In this way, the priority is given to the sign and not to the sealing, and this is useful for the crossed queries of the database.

As to the sequence followed in GORILA it is provided that Wa nodules have a number between 1000 and 1999: reaching the nodules of GORILA Wa 1861, there was the possibility - as has really happened - to insert other nodules, which could have been found subsequently. The scellés are numbered between 2001 and 3000 (in GORILA 2 only two scellées are numbered, Wb 2001 and 2002!), while the rondelles are included between 3001 and 4000. The new shapes recognized by Hallager, Wd and We, preserve the number of GORILA, only the heading changing to become Wd (two-hole hanging nodules) and We (noduli): in our database we maintain headings and numbers of GORILA, specifying the change whenever necessary.

While in Cat. A, i.e. the catalogue of the sealings, the flat-based nodules of Haghia Triada have a relevant role, in the Catalogue of carved signs only two nodules of this typology are present - as we already stressed above -, because, with these exceptions, they don't bear carved signs. The whole number of this typology of nodules is 76, following Hallager 1996 II: 219-221, where the type "1-seal recumbent nodule"(57) dominates over "2-seals recumbent nodule" and "2-seals standing nodule". Hallager and CMS II,6 sometimes do not agree as to the shape of the same cretula, which is recognized either as "flat-based nodule" (Hallager) or as "nodulus" (CMS II,6).


In the numbering of Cat. B we will adopt the following order:

  1. Numbers 1-153, corresponding to GORILA 2 nodules (single-hole hanging nodules) Wa 1001-1861), but which include also the 5 inscribed noduli of Haghia Triada, named by Hallager, maintaining the same number of GORILA, We 1019-1021. 1023-1024. 1852).
  2. Numbers 154-155 corresponding to GORILA 2 scellés (flat-based nodules) Wb 2001-2002.
  3. Numbers 156-1790 corresponding to GORILA 2 rondelles (roundels) Wc 3001-3021, but including also Wc 3022 e 3024 of Hallager, while Wc 3020 has been re-numbered as We 3020 being a nodulus and Wc 3021 becomes Wg 3021 being a direct sealing (Hallager).