TAB. 3 - Distribution of sealed documents in the Villa of Haghia Triada (modified from CMS II,6).

mappa haghia triada

We limit to point out three areas where cretulae have been found, since the exact localization of the documents is still under discussion (see Montecchi 2017 with bibliography), apart from a very limited portion whose original position has been reconstructed.

  1. SW Quarter. This is the only area inside which an exact placing may be given: on the threshold or window-sill between room 27 and corridor 9 45 dome noduli , without inscription but stamped by the same seal (No. 20 in our catalogue of sealings) have been found.
  2. NW Quarter. In this exclusive quarter various groups of cretulae have been found, but a reconstruction of their original location, partly at the first floor and partly at the ground floor, is difficult since when the excavations were made the layout of the rooms was not clear. A more general differentiation has been made on the basis of the discovery of the objects on smaller distinguished areas: one of them includes rooms 4-49-12 and 47-48, where likely the objects had fallen down from above or slipped from near areas; a second area includes room 13 (the so-called "stanza dei sigilli") and the adjacent rooms; a third area, not well distinguished from the previous one, includes porch 11.
  3. N Quarter. In the area of northern magazines, where the major group of Linear A tablets been found, also some nodules and/or noduli have been discovered. The identification of a specific room (room 59) remains uncertain since the same structure of the room, mostly destroyed by the following construction of the Mycenaean megaron, is not clearly defined.