Within this section there is a series of shorts educational videos of in-depth about seals and cretulae, their 3D digitization process and the virtual reconstruction of the Haghia Triada’s Villa in Crete. Moreover, the contents of the lessons, addressed to elementary class students, are reported.

To the discovery of the Cretan cretulae: watch the video and find out what the cretulae are, what were they for and their particularity!
How can you reproduce in 3D an ancient seal or a cretula on your computer? In these two videos, you can shortly discover how from a series of photographic images is possible to transform a physical object into a three-dimensional model!
The course of MUSINT and classroom lessons: in this video, you will see which are the arguments of the lessons addressed to the classes that discover the educational path of the MUSINT project: Let yourself be captured by the legends, their depictions and explanations about the art of war at the Mycenaeans! Imagine finding yourself among the ancient Cretans and discovering the peculiarities and curiosities of this civilization and its artistic productions!
Play and learn with MUSINT I and II: here you may see how the pupils of the primary school have discovered, amusing themselves,various aspects of the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. They have experimented different techniques for re-creating images and objects according to an easy and prompt result, appropriate to their young age
Haghia Triada’s Villa: watch the video and virtually enter in the ancient Villa of Haghia Triada in Crete! Thanks to a new three-dimensional technology, the Oculus Rift viewer, the video will show you how ca be possible to immerse yourself in a new reality discovering curiosities and peculiarities never seen before!