By "documents" we mean the administrative documents found at Haghia Triada, dated to the Neo- Palatial Period, on which a seal has been stamped. While a complete reference can be accessed in a database in the Haghia Triada home-page, here we report the files of the sealed documents kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence (FMA). With the aim to facilitate the visitor according to his interests, two alternative and parallel paths are proposed: the first starts from the sign engraved on one side of the document, the second from the impressed seal (sealing) on another side Therefore, the same object - within a single file - may be examined following one of the two routes.

In the first path the engraved symbol is identified through the initials AB, used to define a sign belonging to Linear A and Linear B, having in both scripts a similar shape (this abbreviation was proposed in GORILA 2 and has been adopted by the scientific community), followed by the number and the meaning ascribed to the Linear B sign: selecting each symbol a page opens in which, below the symbol, the documents where it is engraved are listed, using the numbers they have according GORILA 2: a starting Wa - referring to the typology of the document, in our case the nodule - followed by a progressive number given to the whole corpus of the sealed documents of Haghia Triada. The symbols on the documents of FMA are only five, but the interpretation of one of them (AB 81 KU) is not sure, as it will be underlined in the description of the single documents. Just this description is the next step of our path: in fact, opening each document, a 3-dimensional model - only in few cases a traditional image - will appear, together with an analytical file of the main characters of the nodule.

In the second path, below the drawing of each sealing the number of CMS II,6 is given. Selecting the drawing, below each sealing the list of the related nodules appears, followed by the inventory number and the number concerning the engraved symbol (AB 00). Going on in the path and opening each file, the same 3-dimensional models and related analytical descriptions of each nodule - the same as in the first path - will be accessible.


Engraved symbols
segno inciso segno inciso segno inciso
AB 04 TE AB 02 RO AB 81 KU
segno inciso segno inciso
AB 77 KA AB 61 O
Impressed seals
impronta sigillo impronta sigillo impronta sigillo
CMS II, 6 70 CMS II, 6 11 CMS II, 6 117
impronta sigillo impronta sigillo impronta sigillo
CMS II, 6 28 CMS II, 6 87 CMS II, 6 66