Inscriptions (MAF)

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impronta sigillo
CMS II, 6 11
Inventory: 94761
Museum: Archaeological Museum of Florence
Measure: 2.4 x 1.6; thickness: 1.2
Shape: Hanging nodule with a single hole
Inscription: Wa 1323: engraved "schematic cross inscribed into a circle" symbol (Linear AB 77 KA). Scribe: unknown
Motif: CMS II,6 11. A seal impression - from the same metal ring bezel as 94762 -: two male human figures in a likely religious garb, proceeding at left, the first with a stik leaned on his shoulder and bare from the waist up, the second wearing a particular dress (a "sacred dress"?). On the right border of the scene two groups of vertical lines
Bibliography: Laviosa 1969: 17 no. 5 Tavv. VI,5 e VIII,5; GORILA 2: 31; CMS II,6 11; Hallager 1996 II: 247; Jasink 2009: CR. 229; Albertini-Jasink-Montecchi 2014: 8
Notes: From the same seal six sealings in RMP (71950-71955)